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We are passionate about providing our design and build services to our clients. Our dedicated team is the sole reason we are able to execute your projects whether they are ground up, build outs, remodels or expansions.

Mufaddal Adenwala


Yusuf Adenwala

Vice President

Kelsey Kirschmann

Senior Project Manager

Michael Minton

Senior Superintendent

Tyler Albert

Project Manager

Hatim Raja

Project Manager

Omar Ortega


Tony Mack


Ali Lakdawala


Cameron Norvell


Mustafa Doctor


Travis Bon


Leonard Beale II


Aditi Shruti

Junior Estimator

Jordan Wellbaum

Assistant Superintendent

Miranda Perez


Marissa Zaragoza

Marketing Coordinator

Hamza Kanchwala

Sales Coordinator

Our Story


Sincere Developers and Builders was founded by Mufaddal Adenwala (‘Aden’) in 2017 after working in the construction industry for about a decade. Aden realized a majority of construction work was done without proper planning and there was a disconnect between the design and construction teams leading to schedule delays and cost overruns. He decided to start Sincere Developers in Builders in early 2017 with two primary goals:

    • To create an efficient process which allows all parts of a project to come together at the right time, and
  • To bring together the design and construction teams resulting in an efficient transmission of information

Aden studied management, economics and finance in college after which he worked as a tile vendor. He pivoted into residential remodeling where he learned to work with subcontractors and picked up Spanish allowing him to communicate like a native Spanish speaker. He then built two ground-up luxury homes in the Heights and greatly enjoyed the challenges of new construction. Looking to further develop his fund of knowledge, Aden looked for work in the commercial field and worked as an owner’s representative building gas stations and convenience stores. Aden continued to add to his skill set by learning about the intricacies of commercial land development, inspections, and working with a plethora of new subcontractors and vendors. Here is also where he saw the inefficiencies inherent in the field of construction. Therefore, with the desire to bring efficiency, a high level of customer service coupled with an eye for quality construction work, Sincere was founded in 2017.

From 2017 to 2018 Aden worked hard on creating efficient processes and building relationships with clients in the fields of gas station & convenience stores and retail shopping centers. He developed a reputation as a no nonsense, straightforward builder. In 2018, Aden moved shop from the ‘home office’ into a 600 SF co-working space and his brother and business partner Yusuf, joined to help improve processes and grow the business. Yusuf’s background in the medical field brought a wealth of knowledge which has benefited Sincere to revolutionize construction processes by creating workflows and leveraging technology. Many ideas and processes were born in this co-working space and are still being used today at Sincere. Starting in 2019 the company started growing as multiple projects were awarded to Sincere. Aden and Yusuf carefully selected construction professionals who embodied the core principles of the company starting with Sincerity. To accommodate the growth, Sincere moved in late 2020 to a 1,300 SF office space on South Dairy Ashford Road allowing Sincere to invite clients into its office to showcase various interior finishes and meet the Sincere Team.

In 2021 Sincere was thankful for the opportunity to obtain a substantial number of projects resulting in continued growth. 2022 was a pivotal year for Sincere as it entered new markets such as dental & medical clinics and warehouses. Sincere also implemented a new cloud based project management software.

One constant at Sincere is growth and as Sincere continues to expand, Aden and Yusuf ensure each project Sincere embarks on is planned and built as it was their own project. Our only path at Sincere is upward and forward and we invite you to Build with Sincere!



  • Remodeled residential homes
  • Built 2 ground-up luxury townhomes in the Heights
  • Worked as a owner’s rep for a gas station owner


  • Sincere Developers & Builders was founded


  • Building company processes and client relationships


  • Sincere moves into it’s first office in City Center


  • Sincere moves into its Dairy Ashford office location


  • First Development Project


  • New cloud-based project management software
  • New markets: dental & medical clinics and warehouses


  • Moved into larger office in northwest Houston
  • New market: QSR 
Born in Texas.
Building in Texas.
Sincere Builders was born in Houston, Texas. We have stayed true to our roots and will always be Texan First. We keep our jobs and spending local, making sure we support our Texan communities. If you are a local Texan, and would like to work with us or be one of our subcontractor / suppliers, please contact us to be part of our next project.