Aldine Mail Rt Big Box Retail.

commercial / retail / demo & rebuild
Project Details

Aldine Mail Rt Big Box Retail

This building used to be a Kroger Store a few years ago, however the tenant had left and the building was in disuse. We wanted to start with a blank slate, so we demolished the interior – office framings, coolers, and everything else that was standing on the 47000+ square foot space. The exterior also got a facelift – new stucco and raised wall height throughout. We also gave the Parapet roof some dimension.

Given that it was to house three different tenants, we created spaces for all three, and worked with the MUD district, to ensure that all three tenants had proper access to water and sewerage services. It was an arduous task, setting up plumbing, electrical network, as well as putting in the health and safety systems.

The floor was also revamped. Using machinery such as tri-disk concrete grinder and polisher, concrete planer, shot blaster, and diamond disk we ground and polished concrete to even out the floor. While the equipment rental cost $35000, the floor added just the right finishes for space.

Not surprisingly, WSS – one of the three tenants at the property saw our work and awarded us their project on Gessner road.

  • Sq. Ft.


  • Architect

    TKYL & Associates

  • Timeframe

    6 Months

  • Status


  • Year Built


  • Location

    Houston, TX

  • Type


  • Role of SDB

    Role of SDB

    General Contractor

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