Missouri City Retail Store.
commercial / retail / exterior remodel
Project Details

Missouri City Retail Store

This project started purely based on the trust that the customer had built-in us seeing our professionalism in the Kroger building remodel. WSS was a time-critical project so we turned it around for them in less than a month.

The work we did included building an exterior wall, uplifting the overall design aesthetic, raising the height of the space, building new decorative columns, and embellishing the space with stonework. WSS had already hired a contractor for their project but they appreciated the work we did for them and asked them to use us as subs to complete the exterior of the project.

  • Sq. Ft.


  • Architect

    Bryan Horn

  • Timeframe

    4 Weeks

  • Status


  • Year Built


  • Location

    Houston, TX

  • Type

    Exterior Remodel

  • Role of SDB

    Role of SDB

    General Contractor

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