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Kroger Buildout


One of SDB’s first forays into retail big box stores was the demo and remodel of an existing structure that was previously a Kroger grocery store. The structure is located on a busy intersection and a new client approached SDB to convert the structure into 3 separate retail stores.

SDB took on the job and worked with representatives from each of the 3 commercial stores – Harbor Freight, Dollar General, WSS – and transformed the old structure into a new retail center. The WSS representatives were so pleased with SDB’s work on their store that they invited SDB to bid on and eventually award an exterior remodel job of one of their existing stores.

Sq. Ft.
Benchmark Plans
18 mo.
Project Link:
Year Built:
Willis, TX
Role of SDB:
General Contractor
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Breaf & Idea.

OTR’s truck stop changed the landscape of Lufkin since it’s the first thing travelers see as they enter the city. For the locals it has provided a place to refuel their vehicles and their bodies. And for truckers its provided a great clean spot to take a rest from their long drives.


SDB completed the truck stop over a span of 9 months at the end of 2016. Today, it is a Lufkin landmark which provides visitors and locals a place to relax, refuel and get back on the road!

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Paul Jefferson

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